Clever Site Lets you Compare Phone Sizes Visually


Choosing between the hundreds of phone models can be difficult. Fortunately there is a new site that lets you compare them visually. The appropriately named has a database of all the latest phones, and many older models too.

Choose your phones from the dropwdown and watch as they’re splashed up on the screen, splayed next to each other. You can even toggle the screen between the default desktops of the phone and an image of candy, which gives you a subjective example of which screens have higher resolutions.

Below the images are a few vital stats. The internals of the phone aren’t mentioned; rather, this site focuses on comparing the weight, resolution and size. They even list the ppi, or pixels per inch, which Apple has used to market its iPhone 4 devices.

The site is still pretty bare-bones. You have the phones in the middle, a simple, unstyled dropdown to select your phone, and a few formatting options along the top bar. That is it. The big new feature the author is currently working on is a side view, so you can see how thick they look next to one another. But if all you need is information about how your new phone will look and feel compared to your current one, you can’t get a much better comparison than this.

If you need more information on the actual statistics than this site gives you, you can always hit up Gdgt or TheVerge. Both have compiled databases of vital statistics on phones, and both feature handy comparison tools. But neither let you visually look at the phones as does.