Learn to Code with ‘Code Hero,’ a new Kickstarter Project


The best thing about Kickstarter is all the cool and novel projects that it helps reach to fruition. Case in point: Code Hero, a new game being developed expressly to teach people how to code.

Code Hero is a hybrid coding and First Person Shooter (FPS) game under development by Alex Peake and Primer Labs. You play it a bit like an adventure game, running around a 3D world and interacting with things through a ‘Code Gun.’ This gun lets you write Javascript code, which you shoot at bad guys and obstacles.

This code lets you alter the environment based on what you wrote. The end goal of the game is to be able to write a complete game.

Code Hero is an indie development, and needs help for its development. Rather than go the traditional route of trying to find a publisher (expensive) or hoping that the game got popular all by itself (risky), the people at Primer Labs decided to give Kickstarter a try. Which, after the rollicking success of Double Fine’s new adventure game, seems like a smart move.

By donating you get immediate access to the game’s beta, which is going on right now. Peake is further encouraging people to post their games to Kickstarter once they havethem done, to show off their talents and what they learned.

Click through to Kickstarter to see the various donation levels and read more about the project.